Hello! Thank you for visiting Lino’s home. I am Rachelle, his Global Manager. When you have any question related to Lino’s activities and more, do not hesitate to ask me anytime. You can reach me via one of contact information above, and I will be there to assist you as soon as possible! Enjoy Lino’s awesome place! Lino is a world drummer and a sound designer. Also, he is a prominent producer and has produced a lot of songs and music for other singers and musicians.

He performed with top K-pop singers millions of times through music shows, music videos, various types of concerts, live tours, and recording sessions. His unique sound and performance have been introduced into the world, and he expanded his music arena to the World Artist Level. He is also an artist at many top global musical instrument brands such as DW Drums, KORG, Regaltip and Soundbrenner.